Widgets Plug-in for Eclipse IDE
Beta version

The Widget Plug-in for Eclipse is a tool that simplifies the widget development process by enabling developers to quickly create a widget project, implement some code and run it in the emulator.

The plug-in supports both the W3C and WAC 1.0 specs.

Main features:

New Widget Project wizard

This creates a new widget project with the predefined initial directory structure and default values.

Export and Import wizards

This enables developers to import existing widgets (.wgt packages) as a new project and export the developed version of the widget into a widget package, all in a few steps.

config.xml editor

This provides an easier way to manage widget configuration. It simplifies configuration management with content assist and drag-and-drop features (for icons).

Running widget in Opera Widget Desktop Emulator

This connects the widget with an emulator tool and simplifies the debugging process.

Installation instructions:

  1. Download Eclipse IDE for Javascript from: http://eclipse.org/downloads/.
  2. Run eclipse.exe.
  3. Go to Help -> Install new Software.
  4. Add http://team.opera.com/widgets-sdk to "Update Sites", and select the added site from the list.
  5. Choose a widgets category (if there is no category, deselect "Group items by category" - it's a bug in Eclipse; sometimes there is no category, and it shows no elements).
  6. Choose "Widgets Feature".
  7. Follow the on-screen instructions.
  8. Restart the IDE.

The plug-in supports an auto-update mechanism, so no additional configuration is required.


The Beta version is distributed unsigned. This results in a security warning dialog during the first installation.
This dialog should be ignored as long as the plug-in was installed from the specified location.
A subsequent version will be distributed and signed by Opera.